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Amsterdam Bachelor Party

Amsterdam Bachelor Party Amsterdam Nightlife

It is the capital city of the Netherlands and known worldwide for its stunning architecture, red-light district, and hash bars. It is a major destination with over 4.2 million international visitors each year, who come due to the city's reputation as an extremely liberal city with lax drug laws and a variety of erotic services. Most areas of the city frequented by tourists are located in the city center, making transportation easy while in town. Cars are discouraged in many areas of the city and accessibility to biking makes it the best form of transportation during the warmer seasons.

Amsterdam Nightlife

The Nightlife in Amsterdam is one of the city's main attractions, Amsterdam bachelor party groups looking to cut-loose in ways that Vegas would never allow can find everything they're looking for in Amsterdam. Bars and pubs have a stronger presence then nightclubs in the city, they provide a laid-back environment for you and your group while you sample many of the more risque attractions of the city. Prostitution is limited to only a few streets and caution is recommended when dealing with certain services.

Amsterdam Activities

Most people are already familiar with the legality of marijuana in the city. Smoking it is allowed only in designated areas, certain cafe's and bars ("brown bars") are excellent places to relax and buy necessary paraphernalia.

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