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Rejkavik Bachelor Party

Rejkavik Bachelor Party Rejkavik Nightlife

It is the capital of Iceland, and a growing tourist destination, becoming well-known for it's hot-springs, resorts, and active nightlife. It has many interesting landmarks and much of the city's architecture retains an old world feel akin to other European destinations. Although a great destination for Bachelor parties, the cities unique appeal comes at a premium, in the form of high prices for most goods and services.

Rejkavik Nightlife

Reykjavik has an excellent (albeit expensive) nightclub and bar scene, with over 100 bars and clubs to choose from. Budget minded groups may need to ask locals for where the deals are when it comes to meals and drinks, though avoiding the major hot spots is usually the best way to pay premium prices. Places like the Ice bar provide a unique ambiance but can prove to costly for the experience.

Rejkavik Activities

The soothing hot-springs of Iceland have a proven medical benefit and are perfect for relaxing after a long night on the town. During the day there are many famous landmarks to visit, mainly showcasing the city's history and Viking roots. Many restaurants in the city offer a great culinary experience and should not be over-looked during your stay.

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