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Rio de Janiero Bachelor Party

Rio de Janiero Bachelor Party Rio de Janiero Nightlife

This Brazilian hotspot has been a major party destination for years. Its beautiful landscapes and sandy beaches compliment the care-free Brazilian culture that makes the city so enjoyable for visitors. Bachelor Party groups can expect godd prices for many services, though it is important to keep in mind that many districts have low income and locals may try to take advantage of tourists who don't excercise caution.

Rio de Janiero Nightlife

Carnival is know the world over as one of the city's most exciting celebrations. An annual event that marks the beginning of Lent, it is not to be missed by visitors to the city. the city has many small pubs and bars, though the biggest attraction is the nightclubs, which are operated differently then the ones in most parts of America and Europe. They have a higher ratio (usually 1:3), and tend to have a more intense party atmosphere rather then a trendy feel.


The sun and surf are rivals that of any Caribbean country. The waves very from location to location so people coming to surf, should plan out what beaches to visit before hand. Hand-glinding and para-gliding have been popular in Rio since the mid 1970's, finding a provider is easiest near resorts and popular tourist spots.

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