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Rotterdam Bachelor Party

Rotterdam Bachelor Party Rotterdam Nightlife

The second biggest city in the Netherlands after it's more popular tourist hotspot Amsterdam. Rotterdam still has plenty to offer visitors coming to experience the liberal atmosphere the Netherlands in a more modern setting. Most older parts of the city were destroyed during world war II, since then the city has focused on differentiating itself through unique architectural designs and building projects.

Rotterdam Nightlife

Although Rotterdam does not have a prominent red light district there are still many adult services that can be found with very little searching. Visiting the pubs and bars is the best way to unwind, find out where the best localhotspots are, and find out how to obtain erotic services that are reputable. The venues tend to be more modern, and the city has few nightclubs most of the Rotterdam nightlife is geared towards smaller establishments.

Rotterdam Activities

The city is tolerant of cannabis, and has many designated places where one can enjoy it in a nice friendly setting; Though it is recommended that visitors should familiarize themselves with details concerning drug legality before arriving. Many of the cities biggest attractions are cultural landmarks and museums, it is also well known for excellent dining, with a variety of restaurants located across the city.

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